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Birrittella's Bakery
150 Wildey Street
Tarrytown, NY 10591


About Our Company

Birrittella's Bakery is located in Tarrytown, New York, one hour north of midtown Manhattan in the heart of Westchester County. It is a family run business that was commenced in 1908 by Vincenzo Birrittella. Subsequently it continued through the 20th century with his son Michael and has continued into the 21st century under three of Michael's sons.

Originally started as a bakery making old world Italian breads the Birrittellas began making ready to use pizza dough in the 1980's and selling it in major grocery retailers and shops. It is now found in hundreds of stores and locations around the New York metropolitan area.

Our refrigerated pizza dough is most typically found in your grocers retail dairy case next to the various cheeses used to make pizza.

Currently it can be found in New York area ShopRites, Stop&Shops, A&P, Waldbaums and Pathmark as well as many select Foodtowns, Ctowns and Best Yet Markets on Long Island. Fairway Markets in the New York Metro area also now carries our pizza dough as well as many other independent stores.

It can also be purchased online from netgrocer.com. Click on the Products link for that.

Ask the dairy manager of your local supermarket to locate it for you if you do not readily see it. If they donít have it in stock tell them to call us. There is no store made or frozen variety that can match our product.

Throughout our website you will see various recipes and creations you can make with our pizza dough. In addition you can log onto some of our demo links to see how to create your own pizzas, sausage breads, quiches, calzones, pizza fritte and more.


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